Elephant Pictures - picture of elephants, prints and artwork

Elephant Pictures - picture of elephants, prints and artwork

Alan Hunt - Eat my dustAlan Hunt - SundownersAlan Hunt - PowerplayDavid Shepherd - Storm over AfricaAlan Hunt - Who are you shoving

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Alan Hunt - his artistic life began in earnest after others showed a great deal of interest in his paintings. Over the years he has exhibited his work in museums, galleries and other locales worldwide. His wildlife art hangs in public and private collections.

A devoted conservationist, Alan Hunt is constantly seeking new ways to help environmental groups raise funds. He now concentrates his work solely on endangered species in order to bring their plight to the attention of as many people as possible. Beyond his art, Hunt makes whatever financial contributions he can to those conservation causes which match his interests and concerns.

"If my son doesn't get to see half the wildlife in his lifetime that I've seen, I'll feel very guilty. Rather than become famous as a painter, I would like to be remembered as someone who tried to make people aware of the need to protect the environment and the planet."
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David Shepherd - the Royal Air Force flew him down to Kenya where he was commissioned by them to paint his very first wildlife painting and his career never looked back from that moment. It was on that same visit that he became a conservationist after finding 255 dead zebra around a poisoned water hole.

On returning to London, he had his first one-man show of wildlife paintings. The exhibition sold out in the first twenty minutes and he has not looked back since! Apart from the tremendous demand for his originals, a number of which he donates to wildlife through The David Shepherd Conservation Foundation, to pay back what, in his own words, is my enormous debt to the animals I paint, his published work is avidly sought after.
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