asian elephants

Asian Elephant
Elephas maximus
Sometimes called the Indian elephant, this animal is also found in the dense forests and grassy plains of Sri Lanka, Burma, Thailand, Malaya, and Sumatra.

The trunk is actually an elongation of the nose and has nostrils on the tip. At the very extremity of the trunk is a finger-like projection which is sensitive enough to pick up objects as small as a peanut. 

These huge vegetarians are gregarious by nature and roam in herds of 15 to 30, usually led by an old female. They feed on more than 100 species of plants, including grass, leaves, twigs and bark.

Besides trumpeting, they also communicate with other sounds. For example, while feeding, they purr. When an individual detects danger, it stops purring, its sudden silence alerts the others who also fall silent. 

For many years, this intelligent and docile animal has been used by man as a beast of burden, circus performer, and even as a weapon of war. 

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asian elephant

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